iGo 8 Navigation Software

Most of the people who use a GPS navigation system might be familiar with NNG LLC (formerly known as Nav N Go), and their state of the art navigation software called the iGo My Way and its successor iGo My Way 2006 plus. NNG has recently developed its latest navigation software and the 3rd iGo product called the iGo 8 (predecessor of iGo primo).

Dedicated to produce groundbreaking technology in navigation software, NNG’s iGo 8 comes with various features which are destined to change navigation technology forever.

  • High Definition 3d Maps
  • Online Map Update Service
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Fastest Map Rendering
  • Low Hardware Requirements
  • Supports Various Platforms

Installation of IGO 8



The software is provided on a 2 GB micro SD card with adaptors for both mini SD and a full sized SD, has a straightforward and easy to follow installation.

Once installed, it will import the contacts in your phone and alert you to any addresses it cannot match.
You can use the auto detect option, which works very well to select the GPS settings; the settings can also be manually configured.

Map Screen

The iGo 8 offers the user the option of customizing the map screen settings according to his/her preferences; the maps are available in both 3d and 2d, and one can choose whether to show landmarks, elevated roads and also adjust the level of terrain detail.

Different color profiles (up to 8 different color schemes for day and 6 night color schemes) can be chosen.
The user can also customize the placement of the information shown on screen.

Plan Your Route in iGo 8

You can now plan your routes based on the mode of transport you take e.g. car, taxi, bicycle or emergency; the road types can also be selected accordingly, the planning modes can also be switched between short, fast , easy(fewer turns) and economical which helps you to reduce fuel consumption.

Navigation, Redefined!

iGo 8 has 3 different navigation options:

  1. Keep position on road’- switching this option off allows you to view your actual position on the map and is useful in following your own progress especially when you’re travelling by a train or a bus. Switching it on shows your actual position via a small dot on the map.
  2. Restore lock-to-position’- if you change your view , this particular function will automatically restore your actual position after a set amount of time of inactivity.
  3. Automatic overview’- it shows a 2d overhead view of a route which is user-defined at a 3 mile zoom radius.

Incredible Customization Options

Most features in the iGo 8 can be customized as per the need of the user , including the sound, which has various options to choose from like, language, male/female voice and the amazing feature called ‘dynamic volume’ which means the voice gets louder as you go faster.

The different units can also be changed depending on the user e.g. miles/feet, miles/yards, kilometers/meters, and the date/time settings can also be adjusted.

You can turn on/off the animated menus, which is an important function to reduce power consumption, although the animated menus add to the attractiveness of the user interface.

Backlight can also be adjusted to day/night modes.

Simple Mode’ – this particular mode is for people who aren’t that savvy with a lot of options and keeps the menus in a simple, uncluttered format with less options to choose from, it is also helpful in reducing power consumption.

With so many different features to choose from and its tremendous flexibility in functioning the iGo 8 (iGO android version) is sure to change the way navigation systems should be developed in the future thus creating a benchmark in navigation technology.