iGO Android Navigation Software

iGO My way has been among the leading GPS solutions for Windows Mobile. This is great news for Android owners; iGO has already released the Android version for this software, commonly known as “iGO Android” or “iGO for Android”. Although, iGo Primo is the latest version of the software.

What does iGO Android do?

Igo Android

Igo Android

iGO Android not only provides navigation on traditional 2D map but also in a “3D environment”. iGO Android also provides facility to add intermediate points to the route and it is possible to call a Point of Interest (POI) if a telephone number is available.

iGO My way has 4 different types of navigation interfaces; fast, short, economical and easy. You can save all your routes for later use. Menu of iGO android has large buttons so that it is not difficult to operate while driving a vehicle. If you find yourself lost in the city; don’t worry, there is an emergency location based GPS which gives your exact location.

iGO Android automatically switches itself to night-mode when you go under a tunnel and it is also possible to customize the representation of your vehicle on the map. Currently, the iGO android software is not present in the Android Market, but can be downloaded from Naviextras.

Why not a Google navigation device for Android Phones?

Since Android was created by Google, people thought that software built by same company suits best for Android Phones. But when it comes to GPS, they proved to be terribly wrong. Just think of Google Navigator and the loads of internet traffic you make when loading maps and retrieving traffic data through a mobile internet connection. Not only will it be too costly, but also result in slow loading of maps.

iGO Android users complained about Google Navigator, that it often announces too late where to make a turn. This won’t bug you anymore on the iGO for Android, since you can store all GPS maps in your phone’s internal memory or on a memory card.

Where to download iGO Android maps?

Depending on the country you travel to, you can chose to download maps from TeleAtlas, TopMap or Navteq. The coverage of each map provider is different depending on country.

Can I use iGO Android in any Phone?

iGO android is compatible to: HTC Hero, HTC Magic, Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica, Samsung i7500 Galaxy, LG GW 620. Attention: those of you who use big screen phones, check iGO MotoNav™ for Android™. It’s a special iGO version developed for Motorola phones, featuring Android OS. But it also works on some HTC phones.

You may not be aware of iGO products (such as iGO 8, iGO primo), but the company has released products that use advanced technology and is currently filing a patent for its products and is using iGO Green Technology.

Products with the technology built above are smart enough to detect when a device is not in use and extinguish it, eliminating up to 85% of energy used compared to standard products. The new products are announced Smart Power Tower, Power Smart Wall Charger and laptop. If you want to save electricity while preserving the environment, are probably the products you need. We might see such technology and features for iGO Android as well in near future.